En Route: Washington DC, Horses at the Capitol

"The horses are back!" The info lady I'd been talking with at the National Museum of the American Indian grabbed my arm and pointed out the window. "They're protesting the Keystone Pipeline." So outside I rushed to witness a peaceful protest regarding this most serious issue that had brought Native Americans and ranchers together. On horseback. In front of our nation's capitol.

A small crowd gathered around, and the mood was congenial as protest organizers shook hands with police scattered about on their own horses. 
The solemn event wasn't without its humorous moments. Seeing a cop in a flak jacket taking pics of protesters tends to lightens the mood. This was not the 60's. "They're good," said my new friend of the Metropolitan police. "It's not easy to get a permit in D.C. for horses, so you know they worked with the protesters."
The ultimate selfie: Native Americans in full regalia? Check. United States Capitol? Check. Me on horseback, in my full regalia? Check.
 This gal's horse decided to clearly express his thoughts on the matter.
Cowboys and Indians in front of our nation's capitol, being 'shot' by police. Can it get any more surreal? 


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