Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth TX...again

Big changes are happening around Louis Kahn's architectural masterpiece. The pool has been drained and beyond lies a gaping crater the entire length of the museum where Renzo Piano's addition is under construction, scheduled to open in 2013.

Where has all the water......                                        
The architectural model below reveals Piano's low key approach which pays homage Kahn's structure. By sinking the addition and accessing it underground, the focus remains on the original structure. 

Writers have had fun with wordplay: "In orchestrating his Kimbell addition, Piano was attuned to the need for maintaining harmony with Kahn’s lyrical composition." This being the museum world there are, not surprisingly, a plethora of opinions concerning the new addition. Here are a few fun ones: here, here, and here
          To learn more: Kimbell Art Museum
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